Bible and gender

Is Jesus a Feminist?

Yes, it has been awhile. Yes, I have good reasons. The past two weeks I was away for work, and this week I have been packing up my life of three years in the UK to move to Canada. So, in lieu of a new blog post, here is one I wrote earlier this year for the Sophia Network called ‘Is Jesus a Feminist?’ (click to go to the blog).

The Sophia Network, based in the UK, is an excellent organization that advocates for gender equality in the church and strives to empower women in leadership. I’ve had the privilege of being a member for the past couple years and attending a training event last year with a powerful speaker, Kate Coleman. If you’d like to know more, visit their website or Facebook page. They’re also holding an online discussion in October around what the Bible says about men and women, using the study resource ‘In the Image of God’. I’ve gone through this myself and would highly recommend it. If you’re curious about the topic, or just want to know a bit more, why not join the discussion by clicking here?

That’s all for now. I’ll try to post a new blog soon!