Hi, my name is Tami.img_8892

I love Jesus. I’m a feminist. I’m into academia.

I’ve been working for a Christian charity the past number of years, first in the UK, then in Canada in HR. Now I work internationally in leadership development and online training.

I like reading, baking, walking, hiking, travelling, and having deep discussions. I’m a tea and coffee snob.

I’m slightly sarcastic, and much more of a thinker than a feeler. Sometimes these things work to my advantage, and other times they get me in a bit of trouble.

Why this blog? I want to have a platform to practice my writing and explore different issues to do with Jesus, feminism, and academia. Pretty simple. Feel free to join the discussion!

Keep reading… In addition to this blog, I write bi-monthly articles on reflective leadership for the Sophia Network, and occasional articles for the eLearning IndustryOperation Mobilisation and CBE’s Arise. 

The second edition of my poetry book, Journey to the Eternal, is now available on Amazon Kindle and paperback. Click here for a free preview!

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